Leather Tanning

Valley builds both new and rebuilds existing drums.

  • Valley custom-builds replacement parts and stores
  • Valley services you quickly and economically
  • The finest materials & craftsmenship
  • We ship complete or KD

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Tanning Drum Repair and Rebuilding

  • We work on sight or at our plant.
  • Valley offers very quick response.
  • Our fast and efficient craftsmen get you up and running ASAP.

Custom Fabrication of replacement parts forĀ ALL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC MAKES AND MODELS.

  • Valley will custom-make your replacement parts when stock replacement parts are unavailable.
  • We work from existing spec’s or provide spec’s for you.
  • Ask us about our CRPI program that offers you an inventory of frequently used parts that are hard or impossible to find.

Hide Boxes, Chemical Boxes, and Hide Horses

  • High quality reinforced fiberesin for durability
  • We supply all sizes to your spec’s.

Fiberesin Drum Doors

  • We supply and install these reinforced doors in new equipment or retrofit your existing drums.
  • Fiberesin doors offer durability, less weight, stain resistance, & longer operating life.

Drum Drive Systems

  • Our systems use the latest technology offering controlled RPM, starts and soft stops for longer equipment life.
  • They also offer control of energy usage, temperature, Ph values and most important, product consistency

Below are just a few examples of Tanning Drum Projects we have created for our satisfied customers. For low band width considerations, we have created small thumb nails of these projects. To view a high resolution photo, just click on the project thumb nail!

Valley of Wisconsin Inc. offers your manufacturing operation:

    1. A qualified source for equipment, service, repair and replacement parts.
    2. Access to replacement parts regardless of age, make or model.
    3. Highly professional repair and maintenance crews.
    4. Very quick response to your call for assistance
    5. Fast repair to get you back up and productive again
    6. Top quality Tanning Drums
    7. Top quality Hide Boxes. Chemical Boxes & Hide Horses
    8. Complete Drive Systems
    9. Superior Service

Ask about our new service programs!

The Valley CRPI Program

* Offers you an inventory of frequently used replacement parts that are hard or impossible to find.

The Valley SMS program

* A program designed to minimize downtime, service your equipment with maximum efficiency, and best of all – there’s a savings incentive

Valley of Wisconsin Inc. has been serving the Tanning Industry for years. Our products and service carry the endorsement of the customers we serve.

Contact Valley of Wisconsin NOW for all your manufacturing equipment needs!